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My name is Vee (Virginia)McKey, I am a fully certified Personal Fitness trainer since 2001. I am certified with the Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA), International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC), Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified instructor plus certified with YogaFit and NESTA Sport Yoga. Plus I am a Vegetarian and Vegan Health Specialist certified with the Vegetarian Health Institute and I am also certified thru IIN - the largest Nutrition school in the world, as an AADP and IAHC certified Health Coach since 2014!


For HORSES... I have a lifetime of experience teaching, working with and riding horses 40+ years!! I rode anything I could get on when I was a kid in exchange for mucking stables etc. When I was 16 I went to US Olympian, Denny Emerson's eventing farm for a summer of intense learning and awesome riding. I also spent a summer as a working student for Bermuda's Olympian Eventer Peter Grey. I moved to Ontario in 2007 and built a horse farm with my husband. I taught people of all ages and trained many young horses and OTTBs for resale. I met my 6 year old dressage horse, Wolkenglanz thru my first coach! I was lucky enough to train regularly with 4 Olympians over the next 6 years in Ontario and Florida. a sport in which you train your horse to dance with you thru a lot of patience, love, positive communication and eventually being at one with each other harmoniously! I was over the moon to finally get to the level where I was able to qualify and represent Bermuda at the 2014 CAC Games in Mexico and the 2015 Pan Am Games in Ontario! I also won several amateur championships while competing in Ontario, in the small tour division which encompasses the Prix St. George test, Intermediate test and the Intermediate Musical Freestyle! One of my special wins in Ontario was winning the Lauren Dilanni Dressage Freestyle award for high scores in the Musical Freestyle at  the FEI I1 level.

I am a certified TBT BioKinetic Skeletal Alignment Master Practitioner and a certified Saddle fit assessor thru August Equine! Im also a certified Magnawave practitioner for horses, pets and people too! I help horses to be happy and pain free thru the use of Magnawave, the BEMER blanket, Red & NIR Light therapy, acupressure, massage, nerve release, biokinetic energy, stretches and exercises to free up their muscles and fascia! When horses are happy and comfortable and trained with love, patience and understanding....the sky's the limit when it comes to training them! This method also works amazingly on dogs too..... stay tuned! 

Im continuing to study to be an ANIMAL OSTEOPATH (started last Fall)! I hope to graduate in 2024! Osteopathic practitioners treat and prevent illness through the manipulation and massage of bones, joints, and muscles. Treatment aims to improve health by positively impacting the body’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. The techniques Im learning in my osteopathic online classes are very similar to what I have learned in my TBT Master Practitioner year long course that I just graduated from! 

I have been working with people to lose weight, build muscle and help heal injuries etc since I started my own gym, Custom Fitness BDA, at the old St Georges Club in 2001! I sold that business when I moved to Ontario in 2007 to pursue my dream of representing Bermuda in Equestrian sport!

While in Ontario, as well as training horses and teaching riding, I started another personal training business, VeeFit which was hugely successful! 

I am now back in Bermuda and my dressage training led me to want to learn how to help my horse "WANT" to dance with me! I have a VERY sensitive young horse which led me to research how to help him be more relaxed and happy and found the Tucker Biokinetic Method. I have also studied advanced Equine anatomy, massage, myofascial release and acupressure methods to help my horses and now yours too! These methods have also taught me ways to help people and dogs feel more comfortable in their bodies! 

If YOU and / or your horse need help improving your lifestyle, losing weight, building strength or overcoming discomfort or pain... please give me a call at 533-8333 or email me at 

Remember....Life is not a dress rehearsal....make it a long, happy and joyful experience! 

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